Letter: Let's videotape every gun sale in Maine

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Regarding last week’s columns by Edgar Allen Beem (“The Universal Notebook: Sick of guns, sick of intimidation”) and Marian McCue (“Capitol Notebook: Video poll-watchers preview battle over guns”), I wonder if the Project Dirigo people would be equally supportive of videotaping every gun sale in Maine, and collecting the names and addresses of purchasers – just to assure that it’s all done legally, of course.

The irony and hypocrisy of this group is priceless. Clearly intending to intimidate, they not only videotape the already transparent and lawful gathering of petition signatures, but ask for the names and addresses of people involved. When asked to identify themselves, however, they refuse to do so. That alone should raise questions about their integrity.

Beem and McCue have it exactly right. This is nothing but intimidation. One could call it bullying. The goal of stopping a petition so that an issue can’t ever get to the voters is as heinous, immoral, and anti-democratic a stance as ever there could be.

Nancy O’Hagan