Letter: LePage takes cruelty to new height

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The latest salvo in the war on the poor comes in the form of an application for a waiver that will allow Maine to apply more restrictions on those able to receive Medicaid/MaineCare. Implementing these restrictions, if approved by the federal government, will likely cost the state more than might be saved.

Waivers are meant to encourage experimenting with ways to improve the program and further its mission of enhancing access to timely health care for recipients. This waiver is about heaping more punishment on people already living on the edge.

Last year more than one Maine citizen per day died due to an opioid addiction, many because they lacked insurance to cover treatment. In the middle of an epidemic the LePage administration wants to make it harder to access care. Think about that.

At the same time the governor touts the more than $150 million stash he has accumulated of state monies. While it’s prudent to have a “rainy day fund,” taxes should be used for the common good, not to grow an out-sized surplus while citizens go without health access and some even die.

Sister Joan Chittister, in an interview with Bill Moyers, said “the fact is that suffering built into the system for many will finally erode the lives of us all.” Like it or not, we are inextricably linked to one another.

Just when you thought they’d run out of ways to be cruel, they dream up yet another depraved scheme.

Mary Ann Larson