Letter: LePage must learn to deal with anger

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Congratulations to Steve Woods on his insightful look at our governor’s behavior (Intentionally Unreasonable: “Paul LePage: Feel his pain, fear his anger”).

While LePage has ventured into political lands which few have dared, his behavior of pointing fingers at other elected officials is crude, not businesslike, and certainly not reflective of the quality of the Maine population.

Woods suggests that untreated anger might have a part in LePage’s often unacceptable behavior. People with untreated anger issues often have esteem problems, and anger covers that up. I’m not a professional counselor, but have spent 27 years learning, dealing and changing behaviors, which for years I blamed on others. I, too, had a tough childhood – many of of us have – and while causes might have been beyond our control at the time, it’s our responsibility to deal with this. It takes courage and emotional strength, yet those who take the new road end up being eternally grateful for the changes in their lives.

It would be gratifying if someone like our governor realized the impact of old anger, agreed to removing a lot of the chip on his shoulder (with help), and moved forward in a business-like fashion.

That truly represents the state of Maine.

Frank H. Parker