Letter: LePage for governor

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Most are aware that Paul LePage faced a turning point in his life. At 11, his misfortune closely mirrors words of a poem, “The Fighter”: “I fight a battle every day, Against discouragement and fear, Some foe stands always in my way, The path ahead is never clear.” The poem tells of a man’s struggle to get ahead. Strife keeps his hope alive. Dreams, often “spoiled by circumstance,” frustrate his will, and progress comes “slow and hard.” “But fighting keeps my spirit strong and I am undefeated still.” Like “the fighter,” LePage’s persistent effort equipped him with an unbreakable spirit and unwavering courage. He refused defeat.

LePage learned life’s most valuable lessons: that perseverance can overcome difficulties; that a positive mental attitude is one of the most important attributes in life; that motivation, determination, and cooperation, combined, are essential for making things happen and getting things done.

Facing overwhelming hardship, this candidate learned from life’s obstacles to put “first things first” in seeking solutions. Paul acquired decision-making and problem-solving finesse that shaped his life. His intent and integrity became indisputable. His courage, industriousness, and patient endurance provide a remarkable model for every school child, boy or girl, and inspiration for every adult.

Maine faces huge difficulties that demand extraordinary solutions. A unique record of achievement, well-honed life skills and “a fighting spirit” are my reasons for placing trust in Paul LePage as governor of Maine.

Marge Merrill Devine