Letter: LePage for governor

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I believe Paul LePage, now in his third term as Waterville’s Mayor, is definitely the real deal. Having opened his 15th Marden’s in Maine as well as having served earlier as a consultant for many other Maine businesses, LePage knows a lot about running a business. Likewise, he understands the business of government.

Who are the other choices for governor? What is their background? We have Libby Mitchell, a tired warhorse of the Democratic Party with at least 25 years in the Legislature.  She has been part of Maine’s problems for far too long. No thanks. Then there is the so-called independent, Eliot Cutler – an environmental lawyer who worked for Jimmy Carter in his younger years. Need I say more? The other men running are probably decent fellows, but they just can’t win.

We need to place our votes on the best bet – on LePage, who knows how to trim the budget, save money on taxes, solve the welfare dilemma in this “sanctuary state,” develop a more favorable climate for businesses in Maine, provide more meaningful education for our children, and make health insurance affordable for all along with other skills he will bring to the office. .

These are dire times offering many serious challenges for the next governor.  It’s obvious that LePage will do the best job overall because he understands the way the world really works.

Patricia M. Brown