Letter: LePage agenda threatens tourism

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Is our governor really “pro business”? Granted, the more than 50 proposed bills that he and his supporters are announcing do indeed appear to be aimed at helping some businesses function without certain legal restraints. Yet one of Maine’s largest sources of income – tourism – appears to me to be greatly threatened.

Who would want to visit a state where tourists could receive doses of pesticides from unannounced aerial spraying, and where children and families are not protected from toxins? Who would plan a vacation in a state that does not protect its scenic beauty, and that allows its waterways to collect pollution? Who would write post cards extolling the beauty of a North Woods full of shopping malls, and a state that does not protect its wildlife habitats? How many visitors would be inspired to relocate to a state whose energy program would be the antithesis of what one would expect from a smart, technologically wise 21st century community?

It takes a lot of bills to try to dismantle the hard work that past legislators have done, taking care of Maine. I hope our legislators see them for what they are.

Mariana S. Tupper