Letter: LePage a concern for new Topsham residents

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We truly appreciated what Edgar Allen Beem wrote in “No excuse for executive abuse.” We will soon be moving to Maine from where we’ve lived for 42 years. We’ve been to Maine many times, love the state, and have had our dream house built at Highland Green in Topsham.

Just about everyone we’ve told about our move to Maine has told us they envy us, including some who’ve told us they’ve never been to Maine. We’re sure we’ll be having visitors to our home. We saw news reports about a poll that was taken which concluded that Maine is the most peaceful state in the U.S.. That’s one of many reasons we’ve decided to retire to Maine, along with the fact that we love the ocean, and our new home is not far from ocean and good friends and new neighbors who’ll be good friends who love hiking the Maine woods.

The only concern we have in moving to Maine is Gov. Paul LePage. He represents just about everything we’ve worked hard for many years to oppose. If we could be among those who work hard and succeed in getting him removed from office, not likely by impeachment, but by voting him out and long gone, count us in. The one thing we wonder about is how the people of Maine elected him in the first place.

Ed and Mary Schreiber
Lake Katrine, New York

  • Thadeous Plinkton

    Just what Maine needs more ‘progressive Liberals’ you sound a little old to still be that foolish. Do us all a favor and make sure your visitors don’t settle in here as well. My guess is you are leaving New York because even you can’t stand living there. Please don’t destroy Maine.

    • EABeem

      What’s destroying Maine are backwards bigots easily led around by the nose by wealthy conservatives and too stupid to understand what’s in their own best interest. Paul LePage is at the top of that pile.