Letter: Lend a hand to local firefighters

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As I drove around town today, I noticed a fire truck at the intersection of U.S. Route 1 and Depot Road. On the side of the road were three men, shoveling out the fire hydrant. It took them several minutes to accomplish this task due to the piled up snow. Watching them, as I was at a red light, it reminded me that all of us should help these volunteers out. Take the time to go out and shovel out your nearby fire hydrant. It’s not likely to happen, that your home will catch on fire, but what if it did? Do you want the firemen to be wasting precious time digging out the nearby hydrant, or would you prefer they drive up, hook up the hoses and fight your fire, because you were proactive and cleared it on your own. Show your appreciation for our volunteer firefighters; the house you save just might be your own. 

Anne Staples