Letter: Lemonade isn't water; same-sex marriage isn't marriage

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Once upon a time in a land far away there was a village that lived in peace and harmony. This village had a magnificent spring of fresh, clear water, and water was the drink of choice. Because of the nature of water and its special characteristics, its use was given special privileges.

Then a stranger came to town selling something new; a powder when added to water creating a drink called lemonade. This became popular with a small group of people.

This group found lemonade was not allowed in many places where water was, sot hey came up with a solution to their problem: redefine water to include lemonade.

While not acceptable to the rest of the population, this group pressed for a vote in the next election.

Similarly, in Maine there is a referendum seeking to redefine traditional marriage. Please defend traditional marriage and vote no on Question 1.

Daniel Otis