Letter: Leaving RSU 5 will put focus back on education

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As a mother, I am glad that there is an agreement in place that not only allows all children attending Freeport High School presently to graduate together, but for all kids to continue at FHS into the future. All available spots at FHS up to 500 students will be available to Pownal and Durham for the next 10 years.

Withdrawing from RSU 5 is about a new governance structure for education; a new financial model for funding education; avoiding a costly and unnecessary expansion of the high school, resulting in double-digit tax increases for our neighbors (we can still renovate), and aligning Freeport’s vision for education with our voting record.

Voting yes will end the contentious annual budget battles. We can focus on providing the best education for all kids that attend our system, regardless of the town in which they live. Please vote yes.

Kim Murray