Letter: King is one-of-a-kind politician

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I began volunteering for the Angus King campaign as a resume builder. Like many Mainers, I was so disenchanted with politicians that I harbored few hopes that Angus was any better. Sure, I knew he was a great governor and I had heard his pledges to run a positive campaign, but I assumed that this was just political posturing. Yet, on my first day, Angus gathered all the interns and told us solemnly that he expected respectful speech about his opponents, even in private. As he put it, respectful dialogue is not a part-time job.

It was then that it struck me: there is only one Angus King. The Angus in front of the cameras holds and asserts the same values as the Angus in private. I have seen firsthand that Angus King is perhaps one of the last genuine politicians and for that reason he has my vote.

Josh Espy