Letter: Keep the school budget referendum

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This June’s primary will have a busy list of items to vote on with candidates, bonds and local issues. One issue that needs your attention is that each school district must vote to reaffirm the school budget referendum process. It is imperative that you vote, if for no other reason than this, and vote yes to keep the referendum.

The school consolidation bill of a few years ago included referendum balloting, but must be reaffirmed every three years by each school district. This is the third year. It behooves every taxpayer to get out and indicate their approval of this referendum method, as it allows more taxpayer control than the previous method.

Most educators and teachers will vote against this, as they want a free rein on education spending and the referendum process has crimped their spending sprees. Taxpayers, on the other hand, get to say whether they think the cost of education is too high. The referendum process also allows seniors and those who opt for absentee balloting to cast their vote in a much friendlier and fair method.

With the tough financial times and the ever-increasing taxes, it is most important that we keep this process intact. More taxpayer control is a good thing and seems to have somewhat modified runaway educations costs.

In these lean times it is imperative that we all get out and vote. We must show government that we do not like what they are doing to us.

George A. Fogg
North Yarmouth