Letter: Keep Route 88 beautiful

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The first time I ever rode on Route 88, then called Route 1, was in the 1930s. I rode in the rumble seat of my dad’s roadster on the way to Belfast to visit my grandparents. As we moved along I used to count the bumps separating the cement sections on the highway. And now its like a parkway – almost. I say almost because most abuters keep the grass mowed, but some have not. If no one resides adjacent to a lot where the grass is not mowed it would be neighborly to do so. Planting some flowers along the way and possibly put out a bench for walkers to sit and enjoy the scenery would enhance this beautiful road.

The Cumberland Town Council should be congratulated on improving this roadway. The Storey Brothers and their subcontractors did an excellent job on this road with a minimum of disruption. Well done to all; lets take the next step in keeping our Route 88 the best parkway in Maine by keeping it scenic and beautiful.

Dave Fenderson
Cumberland Foreside