Letter: Keep residential areas commerce-free in Freeport

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The Save Our Neighborhoods Coalition in Freeport is not opposed to Seacoast United’s indoor soccer arena being built in a suitable part of town, but we do oppose changing the zoning of a rural residential neighborhood to accommodate the building in its midst. This huge building for a pay-for-play commercial enterprise should be built only in a commercial zone.

The Freeport Town Council appears to be trying to find a “creative” way to allow the project to go ahead as planned. But the intent of our Town Charter, our Comprehensive Plan and our zoning ordinances is to prevent commercial development in our neighborhoods. For the council to try to reinterpret these documents, sidestep their basic intent, and ignore the protests of our residents and the decision of our Planning Board is just plain wrong.

Since Freeport residents support the businesses here and pay nearly 70 percent of the taxes the town takes in, I would ask the town’s business leaders to reciprocate by offering support to their year-round customers. Tell the Town Council to keep commercial development out of our neighborhoods.

Freeport residents: now is the time for you to speak up. The Save Our Neighborhoods Coalition was formed so that we would all have a voice and this is a critical juncture. Go to our website and sign the petition demanding that we keep commercial development out of our rural residential zones. We can use all the help you have to give.

Roben Voigt