Letter: Keep Parkview hospital open in Brunswick

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Enough already regarding Mid Coast Hospital “partnering” with Parkview Adventist Medical Center. Mid Coast’s intent has never been to partner, but to close Parkview, the same as it did Bath Memorial Hospital. Mid Coast has made a lot of misstatements of fact, they want to close Parkview so they can monopolize health care in Brunswick and surrounding communities.

Parkview opened in 1959 when the only available facilities were an old house on Cumberland Street and Bath Memorial Hospital. A few years later Regional Hospital was built. If our region is too small to support two hospitals, why did Regional build after Parkview had opened? Why didn’t they partner then? Why was Mid Coast allowed to build a larger facility duplicating services, adding beds when thee was no need? Politics? You bet.

Regarding family and friends traveling to Lewiston, Parkview would continue its state-of-the-art in hospital patient care. Yes, patients requiring extensive care would probably be transported to CMHC or a larger facility, the same as Mid Coast transports patients to Maine Medical Center. Mid Coast also sends patients to Portland and Scarborough for procedures not available at Mid Coast. So what is the difference between Parkview sending patients to Lewiston and Mid Coast sending patients to Portland?

CMHC is the lowest-cost health system in Maine and Parkview is actively engaged with CMHC to help Parkview become one of the lowest-cost hospitals in the state.

Support Parkview. Keep it open. It is a great facility.

Richard H. and Joanne P. Stevens