Letter: Keep Falmouth schools in civic use

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Last week the Falmouth Town Council voted unanimously to put the Lunt/Plummer facilities proposal on the ballot for voters to decide. This proposal keeps most of the property in civic use. The council should be thanked for their hard work developing a fiscally responsible proposal that will not raise our taxes.

The referendum question explicitly states that revenue for the project must come from sources other than new tax dollars. Significant funding will come from the sale of assets, including approximately 10 acres of the Lunt/Plummer site. A series of appraisals and comparative analyses allowed the council to gain a clear picture of what such sales can be expected to generate. Even so, the council chose to act conservatively, building a $600,000 contingency fund into the proposal should sales fall short of the expected target. Additional revenue for the project will come from private fundraising by the library and up to $1.5 million from the town’s undesignated fund.

Vote Yes on Question 1 to keep Lunt and Plummer-Motz in civic use. As the referendum language states, the project will not raise your taxes.

Marsha Clark