Letter: Join the fight against hunger

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I have never experienced missing a meal or not having enough food to eat at a meal. Many of us never have – and many of us don’t know what it’s like to feel really full. I say “and many of us” because we are all living together in this world and, like our individual families, caring for and supporting our local, national and world families expands our vision, develops our intellect and makes us more compassionate human beings. And what could be more compassionate than making sure we all have enough to eat.

As American citizens let us challenge our local and national government, our wealthy corporations, our well-heeled individuals – and ourselves – to be responsible for full bellies.

Write letters and make phone calls to your representatives, corporate leaders and rich relatives and friends and ask them to support programs such as food stamps, school meals and food banks. Get involved in volunteering at a soup kitchen or create something innovative like a neighborhood cafe. Plant a garden and share the veggies.

Don’t wait for “things to improve.” Do something now. Share the abundance. We’ll all be better for it.

Marti Collins