Letter: It's incorrect for columnist to blame Obama

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It is interesting that an alarmist like Julie McDonald-Smith has suggested that President Obama might face impeachment for his “errant executive behavior.” However, if you carefully analyze the reasons listed in her column in the June 27 issue of The Forecaster, you must conclude that she has made LePage-like statements that are outright misleading.

First off, it was President George W. Bush who signed a 2008 law that guaranteed protection for minors fleeing inhumane conditions in Central American countries. It was also Bush who, in 2006, said he would send the National Guard to the US-Mexican border. Then he authorized the construction of a 700-mile fence along this border, which, by the way only covers 38 percent of the border’s length. And as we have seen, none of these actions was very successful in stopping illegal immigration.

What about the $17 trillion national debt she mentioned? I read that in 2001, the national debt Bush inherited was around $5.7 trillion. When Bush left office in 2009, the debt was nearly $11 trillion. That’s an increase of 89 percent. Under Obama, the debt has increased to about $17 trillion, or 54 percent. And what can be blamed for that increase? Low taxes, low revenues, a continuation of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the terrible financial crash in 2008.

So to place the blame for everything that has gone wrong in this country on Obama is simply being ridiculous. That’s the problem with this country: too much finger-pointing and too little finger-doing.

Herb Short