Letter: Island Rover is a victim, not a problem

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The story of the Island Rover should be a “feel good” story, but instead it is a feel terrible story thanks to the pettiness of the Shore Drive Neighbors Road Association, and also failures of the town of Freeport.

The Island Rover is very close to the historic neighborhood boat launch. My understanding is that Carter Becker owns property there and should have access to the historic launch. The town gave the green light to keep this dream alive, the boat foundation pumped hours and many thousands of dollars and recycled materials into the project, while over years trees overgrew, the road washed out, and the boat launch degraded.

Associations like this one drive up insurance and utility costs for all of us. The one-time move of the Island Rover should be a perfect win-win opportunity for the association to get essential road maintenance in exchange for the move of this impressive boat. After that, the association could put up a sign or a gate to keep out the rest of Freeport, as that is clearly their not-at-all neighborly aim.

Instead, cut up the boat, and fine the Island Rover foundation? Anyone can see this is not the fair, smart, neighborly or environmentally sound ending to the story. Instead, this is a story of a stunningly destructive lack of neighborliness, and lack of understanding about trees, roads, and Freeport history, and a failure of town leadership to bridge the gap.

Jenny Yasi