Letter: Is Yarmouth teacher's candidacy a conflict?

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Reading The Forecaster on Yarmouth Town Council candidates, I saw a serious potential conflict that concerns me and others. Teachers and municipal employees get paychecks from our taxes. That naturally brings a bias to the role of town councilor.

In this case, Meghan Casey is a teacher, probably a fine one. But, if a teacher were elected, should the teacher vote on their own salary and benefits? If elected, should a teacher or municipal employee abstain from all council votes that impact municipal spending? One expenditure reduces another, potentially reducing his or her department funds. Such a councilor has reduced effectiveness. Isn’t voting on municipal and school spending the most important role of a town councilor?

With the significant clashes witnessed on the council this past year, I do not support a vote for an already financially conflicted candidate. It simply is not in the best interest of Yarmouth.

Benjamin Stevens