Letter: Is Greely athletics anti-family?

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The Greely High School athletics program has apparently become anti-family. During the past few months student athletes have been penalized for spending time with their families during school vacations. Recently, lacrosse players were forced to sit out a game because they went on planned family vacations requiring them to miss a few practices.

In at least one case, a family checked with a coach prior to taking a vacation to ensure there would be no problem. They were assured it was not a problem. But upon returning from vacation the student was not allowed to play one game because of the missed practices.

This is reprehensible. Family time is precious. Studies show family bonding is incredibly important to avoid problems later in life. School sports is a service parents pay for in the form of athletic fees and taxes. Athletic administrators and coaches work for the parents, not the other way around.

For a public school athletics program to even hint at retribution against a child who goes on a family vacation, during a time when the school itself is closed, raises serous questions about the priorities of administrators and coaches.

It is indefensible. This recent abomination comes on the heels of students being penalized by coaches for being late to practices because they were seeking additional academic help from teachers.

Greely has adopted the “Sports Done Right” mentality for athletics. Perhaps it’s time for parents to stand up and instead consider “School Done Right.”

Jeff Toorish
North Yarmouth