Letter: Is Beem really so far off about the drinking age?

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This is in response to Carmen Melito’s letter last week, if 18-year-old brains are really so undeveloped, then why are they able to have the right to vote and go “fight for our country”? If they are able to be given a gun and make decisions about who, how and when to shoot over in a foreign country, then why can’t they be able to share a beer with friends? Other countries allow 16- to 18-year-olds to drink and because it is legal in those countries, it isn’t such an exciting, risk-taking thing to do so there’s not as much abuse. It’s a real contradiction in this country to say they are not old enough to make adult decisions about one thing and expect them to make adult decisions about other things, don’t you think? How many adults make poor choices? Drunk driving and abusing alcohol is not an age-exclusive pastime. My opinion is as long as 18-year-olds are given the adult right to vote and die for this country, they should be able to drink, too. Either 18-year-olds are considered adults or they’re not. The people in this country need to make up their minds.

Jenifer Wikstrom