Letter: Investigative reporting is appreciated

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I would like to thank Mario Moretto and Emily Guerin for their investigative reporting on area municipalities breaking the laws governing the important right of people to information. Nor should there be any hourly fee for information that belongs to the citizens. Town workers are already well paid, with citizens’ tax dollars, to serve. The most the worker deserves is a $10 tip; that should be law in every state.

There seems to be a constant, under-the-radar, chipping away at our Democracy. We all need to wake up and pay attention. Democracy requires constant vigilance by the governed. We are presently in a worrisome state of affairs; our representatives working for corporations and monied individuals, to assure monetary support for their re-elections. If we care about fairness and justice we would seem to be long overdue for a bloodless revolution. How do we do that? Investigative reporting, a rare commodity.

Loretta MacKinnon