Letter: Innes' foe says there ought to be a change

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It’s with both amusement and deep concern that I read Melissa Walsh Innes’ announcement of her “There Ought To Be A Law” contest.

Here we are, immersed in the most serious fiscal crisis in decades, and Inness wants to turn the legislative process into a game. And wow, the objective of the game is to encourage people to advocate another law – which is precisely what we don’t need in Maine. Another law, whatever issue it addresses, will no doubt cost the state money to administer. The new law Inness is hoping to generate through this gimmick will also burden someone, somewhere, with additional regulatory compliance costs. Responsible legislators have a far more serious attitude towards their enormous responsibility for conserving the hard-earned taxes and compliance-time that are extracted from productive, working Maine citizens.

Melissa, I’m not sure you have a handle on what’s happening in the Maine economy, but I’m quite sure your political philosophy prevents you from even considering a meaningful solution. If I were Yarmouth’s state rep, I’d be happy to hear from any Yarmouth constituents who suggest legislation that would propose to repeal or reduce some taxes and minimize some regulatory burdens currently imposed by the state. And they wouldn’t have to enter a contest to be heard.

As your Republican opponent in the upcoming Yarmouth House election, I wonder what you’re going to say to your contest’s winner following your defeat.

Jeff Weinstein