Letter: Independent Bishop in House District 123

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The art of civil discourse, compromising and arriving at solutions that all involved can live with, is increasingly replaced by party dogma and rigid ideology from both sides of the isle. We can reverse this trend. I would like to bring Roger Bishop, the independent candidate in House District 123 to your attention.

I have known and worked with Roger for many years. He is a very bright man with profound experience, high integrity and desire to serve. Roger approached often difficult problems with a very balanced view and good listening skills. He articulated good advice to both management and labor representatives and followed through with solutions. He was respected by all for his integrity, his competence, and his reasoned approach of finding acceptable solutions for problems. Such qualities would serve well to help bring back competent, civil and respectful leadership. If you would like to see people with such character represent us, please vote for Roger Bishop.

Laurenz Schmidt
Cape Elizabeth