Letter: Inconsistency in Scarborough

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We want to thank Scarborough Councilors Sullivan and Roy for the interest, concerns and reservations they expressed at the council meeting July 15. The concerns and reservations that you stated, that are now part of public record, are inconsistent with the way you eventually chose to vote. We were quite surprised by your vote, and were left confused by your inconsistent stance. With no plan to go by, with no money appropriated, with no budget presented or committed, without the Planning Board having approved a specific plan, it seems implausible that anyone could have passed any of the issues pertaining to this land swap.

The most prudent approach would have been to table these issues, awaiting a more thoughtful approach that would include the consideration  of all substantive alternatives and possibilities. By voting to approve these
issues, you chose to validate the needs of a few who stood to gain financially, and forsake the wishes of the many who stood to gain nothing financially, but only have what is best for the community as their concern.

With this in mind, we respectfully request that you both make a motion to reconsider these items, and then cast your votes in opposition to these proposals. This action would be much more consistent with your public statements.

Robert and Pammela Rovner