Letter: In search of reckless Falmouth driver

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While my visiting family and I were having some much-needed family reunion time on Cliff Island recently, someone decided to drive recklessly and dangerously through the intersection of Bucknam Road and Middle Road and right through my new fence. It happened just after midnight on July 8. Whoever was driving failed to leave a note accepting responsibility for their actions and left the mess for me to clean up and the expense for me to pay. I have been working hard to make my little corner of Falmouth a visually nice place, not only for myself, but also for my neighbors and the many, many drivers who use the intersection.

I realize that this is a busy and very dangerous intersection. There are no crosswalks or sidewalks. I worry every time I walk my dog or ride my bike that a driver may not be paying attention. I did not realize that I would have to also worry about the safety of my fence.

This is a huge expense for me. I have filed a report and we do know more each day about what make and color the vehicle was and where it was purchased. We also have some vehicle numbers to search. I hope with that information, we will be able to track down the driver. I would appreciate any help that anyone can give regarding a black Subaru that may have been driving through that part of Falmouth on July 7-8 and that has damage to the front and undercarriage.

Lesley MacVane