Letter: Idling trains irk South Portland neighborhood

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I live in close proximity to the Rigby train yard in South Portland with my wife and kids. We have no problem with trains coming and going or with the sound of the trains, as we expected those things when we moved here. What I do have trouble with though, is the way they leave the trains running all day long as they sit in the yard. The entire neighborhood smells of diesel and I often have to make my kids come inside and shut all the windows because the smell and smog is so heavy. I am concerned about the impact such extended exposure might have on my kids’ health in the long term. I hope it’s not too much trouble for me to ask that the trains run only when they are coming and going, as leaving them running all day in the yard seems totally unnecessary and is causing undue misery to nearby residents. I know many of my neighbors feel the same way.

Anthony DiPhillipo
South Portland