Letter: House District 25 no place for GOP PAC

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I’m concerned that a national political action committee has picked state Senate District 25 as one of 14 races to focus on nationally.

The Republican State Leadership Committee’s major donors include conservative billionaires Sam Walton and the Koch brothers. The Koches are notorious for leveraging their financial power to cut aid to the needy and reduce environmental regulations, while Walton pays his Wal-Mart employees so poorly they have to get second jobs to survive.

What is their interest in District 25? This committee has no business in our affairs.

Like independent Sen. Dick Woodbury, who has endorsed her, Democrat Cathy Breen listens to the needs of local residents: quality education, an improved economy, and affordable health care for all. She recognizes that our environment can’t be compromised without compromising our economy.

We need Breen in Augusta to advocate for our interests, not those of out-of-state billionaires.

Bonny Rodden