Letter: Horch states his case for election

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If you vote in Brunswick’s District 66, you’ll see me on your ballot as “Horch, K. Frederick,” your Green Independent candidate for state representative.

I’m running for office to create a better future for Brunswick and Maine. With a store on Maine Street and children in public school, I am deeply connected and committed to our community.

This election is about turning Maine around. The best way to grow our economy is to put Mainers to work solving our real needs. I advocate that BNAS become a place for creating good jobs in profitable and sustainable markets like local organic food and clean renewable energy.

My goal as your representative will be to make government work for you.

I will vote to honor our obligations to our local schools, pensions, and hospitals. I will strive to expand educational opportunities, while lowering administrative costs. I support universal health insurance, lowering our labor costs so our businesses can better compete. I will seek to cut taxes and spending without devastating our ability to provide essential services.

In a District with 39 percent registered Green or unenrolled, 38 percent Democrat and just 23 percent Republican, “splitting the vote” is a non-issue. As of October 14, just 25 percent of absentee ballots have been from Republicans. Do the math; you’re free to vote your hopes, not your fears.

Vote “Horch” for a better future.

Fred Horch