Letter: Hold our senators accountable

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Edgar Allen Beem hit just the right note on almost every concern about the need for health-care reform. I, too, am mystified that so many are voicing dismay that President Obama would like to change the status quo of our health-care industry. Can it be that they do not pay their own premiums or have never faced a serious illness and had coverage denied? Are they unaware of the enormous profits reaped by not only the insurance companies but also by the pharmaceutical industries and other health-care providers? Medical expenses are the primary cause of bankruptcy. As a country we cannot continue to be smugly satisfied as long as we feel secure while others are needlessly suffering. Each one of us is only an illness or accident away from a life-altering situation.

But now I must state my one difference with Mr. Beem’s opinion – we do not have moderate Republican senators. Yes, they both support a woman’s right to choose and they demonstrate courtesy in their public demeanor, but research into Sen. Collins’ re-election finances will show you that she accepted millions of donations from health industry PACs. Collins’ voting record is far from moderate and her desire to remain a senator makes her beholden not to the American public, but to those who pay for her re-election.

If Americans really want health-care providers to serve their needs and not the excessive profits of the current system, every concerned person must research what is really happening and contact your senators.

Dorothy Blanchette