Letter: Higgins Beach is good for Maine's soul

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I moved to Maine from northern California 4 years ago. When I found Higgins Beach, I found home. It is probably my favorite place in Maine; it’s dear to my heart.

I am against the proposal to ban on-street parking at Higgins Beach during the off-season. I use Higgins Beach year-round for surfing, walking, meditating, and enjoy the ability to park next to the water during the off-season. I am also an American Sign Language interpreter working here in Maine. As a Maine taxpayer, I help pay for the maintenance of public beaches such as Higgins Beach and the public roads that access it.

Please make the parking rules consistent with all other Maine beaches and allow for parking during the off season. Concerns over safety have arisen. But data shows that there is no safety issue in regards to parking. Those that use the beach are ultra cautious of other cars and pedestrians. Emergency vehicles have access. Having police enforce off-season parking rules is a waste of resources. People just want to enjoy the beach.

It is my sincere hope that the Council will vote to preserve historic public access to Higgins Beach, revise the current parking ordinance to be consistent with other Scarborough beach communities, and protect the rights of all Maine residents who use Higgins Beach during the off-season and pay for its upkeep.

Higgins Beach is good for the soul of Maine. Please don’t take that away.

Sarah Hill
South Portland