Letter: Help South Portland defend Clear Skies

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In 2014 the South Portland City Council passed a wise and courageous land-use ordinance called Clear Skies to protect the city and its residents from plans by Portland Pipeline to reverse the flow of the Portland Montreal pipeline. Had this reversal occurred we would have had a massive tar sands export terminal, including two 70-foot smokestacks in close proximity to Bug Light Park, on the shore of Casco Bay. The potential for spills polluting the bay, and carcinogenic burn-off fumes polluting the air, endangered the health, safety, and well-being of citizens, the environment, and the local economy. Portland Pipeline, funded by sources outside of Maine, has decided to challenge this ordinance in court.

South Portland has established a fund to supplement other resources for waging this legal battle. In addition to the over $100,000 all ready raised, a crowdfunding campaign on Fundrazr will commence mid November. I encourage all folks who care about this vitally important issue to consider making a donation. Large sums will be needed for the court case and possible appeals, but many small donations have an added benefit of demonstrating to the council the breadth of community support. While this is a South Portland legal issue, the currents of wind and water know no municipal boundaries. Donations will be appreciatively accepted from any and all folks who care about this issue. Think to the future, and donate to the Clear Skies Legal Defense Fund in South Portland.

Ann Morrill
South Portland