Letter: Help keep Harpswell clean, and safe

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To the person who drinks 18-ounce Budweiser beers, puts the cap back on, and throws them out on Cundy’s Harbor Road:

In the last two weeks, on a half-mile stretch of Cundy’s Harbor Road, I have picked up at least 50 empty beer bottles with the lids on. (This is in addition to soda cans, coffee cups, and other trash.)

I want to let you know that the children of Harpswell need your help. As you may know as a community, we are trying to raise money for a much needed playground. You can easily get Clynk bags designated for Harpswell Community School. If you fill up your bag instead of trashing our beautiful community, you do two things at one time: you will help our children get a much needed playground, and you will preserve Harpswell’s beauty for the generation coming after you.

I also ask you not to drink and drive. You risk injuring yourself or someone else, even fatally. Please help the children of Harpswell and take care of our community. You will be making a huge difference.

Allison Smith