Letter: Headline lacked sympathy for Falmouth family

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I was disappointed to see the front-page headline regarding a Falmouth house fire in the Nov. 20 Northern edition (“Police suspect bath salts use by Falmouth teen charged with naked break-ins”). Losing everything in a fire is a tragedy and the circumstances surrounding this family’s ordeal take it, especially for the minor children, to another level. I firmly support free speech and abhor the idea of media suppression, but my heart sank when I read the headline. Tears came to my eyes as I thought of a young girl and how much I had hoped that our community could collectively shield her and the rest of her family from additional pain and suffering. I acknowledge the headline was accurate and that we must not ignore the devastating effects of teenage drug use, but I would have appreciated it very much if “our” local paper would have shown some sympathy for the family.

Bryon Crowder