Letter: Harpswell residents deserve beach access

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A few weeks ago I was able to visit Harpswell and venture down to Georgetown. It is certainly a beautiful area, tarnished only by the dedication to saving Cedar Beach for local resident use. I wholeheartedly agree with their position in keeping public what apparently has long been a public beach.

Too much of what used to be is being taken away from folks either by money or some other reason. What folks and mostly the courts do not take into account is tradition. And it is my understanding that land used by the public for “right of way” type of use becomes a public right of way after a number of years.

And it is not only sad that a few residents believe that they should be able to close a beach to and for the public, but a slap on the face of all who have used the access and the resource.

I hope that those landowners reconsider their thoughts and intentions with consideration for their neighbors. Leaving access for the locals is the right thing to do.

Jim Gibbons
Keene, N.H.