Letter: Harness racing is poor excuse for casino

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There is no provision in state ballot Question 1, the proposed “Act to Allow Slot Machines or a Casino in York County,” to fund retirement homes for harness racing horses at the end of their careers. Classified as livestock by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, horses used in harness racing often wind up on the auction block, where they are sold to pull carriages in Amish villages or shipped to slaughterhouses.

According to an article that appeared in the Bangor Daily News on July 13, revenue from harness racing in Bangor is declining. Harness racing and horse racing as dying industries, much like greyhound racing, are kept alive by state-mandated taxpayer subsidies from the proceeds of slot machines and casinos. Vote no on Question 1.

Val Philbrick

  • wilgus

    Who is this Rebecca Foster who is in the print ad promoting Question 1? She supposedly is from Falmouth, but so am I, and no one I know has ever heard of her.
    And why is she selling herself (to put it politely) to promote the Question 1 scam?

  • tolersence

    Harness horses too old or too slow for racing face a perilous and painful future. If they are the lucky tiny percentage, they are adopted and retrained either to pull something more sedately, or to ride under the saddle. The other 2 options are the slaughter house in other US states or Canada, or to be worked to death by locals who don’t use fossil fuel farm equipment. I’ve seen these horses in their pastures, shrunken chests, ribs showing, and a haunch so small from being underfed you wonder how they can pull at all.
    Our society made a big deal about the retired grey hounds. The retired harness horse lives THREE times longer than a grey hound. The disparity and lack of policy to support these horses is an outrage.