Letter: Harbor panel opposes South Portland WPO

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The Port of Portland is one of the safest ports on the East Coast. This record is in large part due to the continuing expansion of these facilities to enable upgrading safety and environmental equipment. With responsibility for permitting of docks and other structures, the Harbor Commission is well aware of the level of improvement that occurs on a regular basis.

The proposed Waterfront Protection Ordinance broadly applies to all South Portland waterfront businesses that handle any type of petroleum. The WPO would also impact marinas and boatyards that handle fuel, as the proposed ordinance states there “shall be no expansion of … facilities for the storage and handling of petroleum.”

The commission respectfully asks the residents of South Portland to carefully review the proposed ordinance. We firmly believe voters will come to the conclusion that the WPO is not good for the working waterfront or the city of South Portland.

Thomas W. Dobbins, governor’s appointee
Portland Harbor Commission