Letter: Graham wrong about hunting in North Yarmouth

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The Forecaster Forum written by Anne Graham has the typical liberal slant that pervades The Forecaster.

The twice-mentioned hunting on North Yarmouth town-owned property is factually wrong. Those who used citizen petition to get it on the Town Meeting agenda did not ask for all town-owned property to be open to hunting. They know and understand that such property that has already been given and may in the future, might have deed restrictions and accept that.

What we take exception to is selectmen trying to pass a rule or ordinance that not only violates state statues, but discriminates against the very citizens who do more for conservation than any other group.

The safety that the board used as an excuse the second time this issue was voted on, because Graham changed her initial vote, is equally a red herring. There has never been a hunting accident in Old Town House Park, yet the state Department of Transportation has data showing 100 deer-motor vehicle collisions in our town from 2000-2008. By state figures that equates to over $350,000 in vehicle damages and untold owner hurt and inconvenience. It appears that the board has misplaced their idea of safety, preferring to emphasize the possible against the actual. Typical liberal nanny-state thinking.

Actions have consequences and certainly Graham’s actions will not endear her to hunters and gun owners.

George A. Fogg
North Yarmouth