Letter: Graham in House District 109

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Voters in House District 109 have a real choice next month. A choice between a candidate who understands the needs of Maine people and a candidate who is dramatically out of touch with the reality of life for thousands of families in Cumberland and North Yarmouth.

Gary Foster is a town councilor in Gray. When confronted with a zoning issue that would dramatically affect his constituents, his suggestion: people should get together and purchase the property if they wanted to control it. While that may appeal to Foster’s tea party mentality, it is incredibly unrealistic.

Foster, the Republican, is in the mold of Sarah Palin and the tea party express, he believes business can do no harm and the rights of families are subordinate. Perhaps he holds these radical views because he has no mortgage, pays no property taxes and is not putting children through school. At 53 he is single, lives with his parents and works for his brother.

In dramatic contrast, Anne Graham is a working parent with three sons; that means three educations to pay for. She is s committed public servant, a nurse practitioner, property owner and tax payer.

That is Anne’s resume, but as a person, Anne understands what Maine families are going through in these troubled times and, more importantly, how to solve those problems in realistic ways.

On Nov. 2, join me in rejecting the tea party politics of extremists like Gary Foster and vote for Anne Graham for the Maine House.

Jeff Toorish
North Yarmouth