Letter: Governor isn't capable of transformation

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I enjoyed reading Perry Newman’s parody to help Gov. LePage see himself in the mirror. What I’ve learned about abuse and abusers is that they don’t stop when treated with gentility, reason or kindness. LePage makes show of his abusive past, but fails to recognize he is “passing on” abuse to 1.3 million Mainers.

Nor is Maine a discount department store where people are merchandise to be priced, discounted or otherwise moved off the shelf.

Mainers first must recognize that Gov. LePage is incapable of change, of reasonableness, of being transformed into a professional leader of people. This disqualifies him as governor.

I fully believe he will never complete his term in office. In due time, he will be forced to resign peacefully and legally. If true, Maine will be the first state to depose of a tea party governor and teach the country that civility and democracy can prevail.

Michael T. Bucci