Letter: GOP, Dems should heed independent voters

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For some reason Republicans and Democrats think there is a strict duality to the political voter philosophy, Democrat or Republican. However, the last time I checked the independents or unenrolled moderates have the voter plurality.

As independents, we understand our tax revenue struggles between infrastructure, education and welfare and cautiously pay reasonable taxes; additionally, we recognize the amount paid must not be causative to “leaving the state.” When taxes drive the mobile taxpayers, businesses and retirees from the state, we have less revenue to support those individuals and institutions that have legitimate needs and requirements in order to create a future for us all.

It’s a fact: tax rates are competitive, state-to-state. Businesses and individuals move geographically when their tax payments force them towards either bankruptcy or a lower standard of living. Their moving creates revenue holes, which then shifts those liabilities onto those who remain. It’s a destructive sum game, with those in need suffering the most. We citizens watch, as both parties exacerbate the game, and the state suffers.

The political signal both parties are missing is the growing size of the “largest voter group,” the unenrolled. These independents are beginning to flex their muscle with a past governor and a present senator, and that’s without being organized. Consider what’s occurring, while both monolithic parties scheme to obtain enough independent votes to win, the independents are quietly gathering the displaced moderate Republican/Democrat voters to assume control. Politically, November may be a “could’ve had a V8” moment.

Stephen Gorden