Letter: Good decision by Scarborough planners

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We are writing to praise every member of the Scarborough Planning Board for their sound decision-making on a proposal they considered June 20. The Beachwalk Subdivision, a nine-lot beachfront neighborhood across from the Lighthouse Motel in Pine Point, was approved five years ago amid a great deal of controversy. The original developer agreed to work with the people of Pine Point to place permanent restrictions on the subdivision. Among those were height restrictions of 42 inches on all vegetation and fences in order to preserve public scenic vistas of the dunes, beach, and Saco Bay.

Recently, however, the Beachwalk requested these height restrictions be lifted to protect their privacy. They wanted to increase the height of a fence already in violation of the restriction and tried to get approval for several trees that would grow to 35 feet. The Planning Board listened to members of the public who reminded them of the history of this development and the importance of honoring agreements made in the past. The increase on height restrictions was unanimously denied.

The lesson for the citizens is we must be vigilant and keep a watchful eye always, and be ready to help our elected and appointed officials know the truth.

Now that the board has denied the Beachwalk’s request, we expect the fence that was erected and is, according to Assistant Planner Jay Chace, in violation, will be removed immediately.

Judy Shirk, Christine Provencher,
Dianne McLellan and Judith Mushial