Letter: Gideon, Graham, for Freeport, Pownal

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When talking with voters in Pownal and Freeport this past spring, I was struck by how many people – Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Greens – expressed disappointment and anger at the actions and tone of Gov. LePage. In two years, he and his majority have attempted to decimate health care, education, environmental and voter identification statutes, while subjecting Maine to national ridicule through his remarks. We can halt LePage’s ability to bulldoze his initiatives through our state by denying him control of the Legislature this November. I am working to elect strong candidates such as Anne Graham and Sara Gideon, who will help bring balance back to our state government. I urge people of all parties in Freeport and Pownal to send a strong message to Gov. LePage by supporting these two candidates, who will represent Maine values and make a positive difference for our state and region.

Melanie Sachs