Letter: Gerzofsky respects voters, deserves respect

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I am neither a Democrat nor Republican, but I do look at the issues and where the candidates stand on them. Democratic state Sen. Stan Gerzofsky is one of those people that tries to look at the big picture, not just for today, but the years ahead, how it will affect his district, the people he represents. He does the best he can to look after their interests and the generations that will follow, whether it be jobs, the environment, or health care just to name a few.

He has no problem in discussing any issue that is important to any of his constituents at any one of the coffees he holds within the district because he wants to know their concerns. The dates and times for these coffees are always in the paper and everyone is invited.

You have to respect a person like that, even if you disagree from time to time.

Dale E. Whitmore