Letter: Fuzzy logic in Falmouth

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Do half-truths belong in the debate about what to do with Falmouth’s Plummer, Motz and Lunt properties? Absolutely not. Aren’t they just smoke and mirrors to cover shaky logic and vacuous arguments?

A recent letter writer may be guilty of the above when she implied there is significant support for keeping those properties in civic use because 1,100 signatures were gathered in a single day supporting such a notion. By itself, without any factual context, that sound pretty impressive.

Unfortunately, the writer failed to explain where and how the signatures were gathered. Had she shared those facts, the import of her letter would be dramatically different.

The signatures were gathered at the exit to the polls on Nov. 2. All 3,000-plus individuals who voted that day had to walk past the petition circulators and their large sign. So, the fact is over two-thirds – 2,000-plus – of the people who could have signed the petition did not.

Using the writer’s logic, there is no signficant support to keep the properties in civic use. Indeed, it’s 2 to 1 against that notion. With civic use off the table, it’s time to consider other viable alternatives.

M. Roberts Hunt