Letter: Fund public education with 'user tax,' not property tax

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I just paid my property tax; 76 percent went to fund the schools. What did I get in return? Absolutely nothing. I got nothing for being forced to educate children who I don’t know or have any interest in. There is no logical or moral reason why anyone without children in school should be forced to fund their operation any more than forcing others to fund their neighbors’ snow plowing, lawn mowing or household operating expenses.

Those who use the schools should fund them with a “user fee” calculated by dividing the total operating expenses by the total number of students and multiplying that figure by the number of students in a household. A school funding user fee would be similar to the fees paid to register a motor vehicle or boat, or obtain a hunting or fishing license.

It’s time to replace the universal property tax as the school funding mechanism with a user tax – a logical, simple and fair approach.

M. Roberts Hunt

  • Edgewise

    You got nothing for funding the schools, you say? I have to disagree.

    By funding the schools you help ensure that you’ll receive good medical care later in life. That the local economy will continue to thrive as we produce young people of character to open their own businesses and market new ideas rather than working at McDonald’s. You have capable coworkers and employees coming out of the next generation.

    You help ensure that America won’t be outstripped by the young talent of other nations, which improves the global economy and particularly the domestic economy.

    And lastly, you’re paying back into a system which you very likely took advantage of and benefited from while growing up.

    I could go on and on and on with lots more detail, but let’s try to look at the bigger picture, eh?

  • Scott Harriman

    I don’t mind paying for schools even though I have no kids because I like to live around and interact with intelligent, educated people.