Letter: Freeport should back expansion of bus service

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The question before the Freeport Town Council is whether to approve expansion of METRO bus service. Public transportation is right for practical, philosophical, environmental and societal reasons. Public transportation access for Freeport makes sense now, rather than waiting until gas prices soar.

People drive in and out of Freeport at significant expense. The train is expensive for commuters who are not daily passengers. Multiple forms of transportation complement each other and serve all the people of our town.

Reliable transportation at different price points with varied schedules improves quality of life, opening doors to career and educational options. People can get to Falmouth, Portland, the Maine Mall and more. Workers will have more job options and employers an expanded employee base.

This pilot program will cost $80,000, over three years, the rest covered by a transportation grant. Grants come from taxes paid, and this money, dedicated to transportation, will be our tax dollars sent somewhere; let it benefit our citizens and business owners. This is a pro-active way to address mobility for all.

One councilor feels that Freeport residents are car-centric. Driving to the bus stop is a way of life all over the world. Three years will tell, statistics gathered will let us know if it works or not. It is time for Freeport leaders to approve the resolution bringing the bus to Freeport to benefit everyone in our town.

Kathleen Meade