Letter: Freeport, not Scarborough, should be Falmouth's model

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Bryan Dench argues in a Forecaster Forum that Falmouth should keep the outmoded planning that has made the Route 1 area such an ugly sprawling and economically under-performing commercial district.

The current planning has clearly failed the community. Dench would have us continue requiring lining up more poorly planned “strip centers” with seas of parking lots, but also add more big-box Wal-Mart-style stores.

The Town Council is right to move forward with proven, common-sense smart-growth planning that would help transition the current automobile-centered eyesore to a safer, pedestrian-oriented and more economically valuable mixed-use business district. Simply put, most Falmouth residents want Route 1 to look and feel like Freeport village, not Scarborough around the Maine Mall.

Glen Brand