Letter: Freeport High School track project vital for RSU 5

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Durham, Freeport, and Pownal are being asked to privately fund a track and field project at Freeport High School. Some have asked, “Isn’t the current field good enough?” Simply put, no. We currently have no track at all and the grass field at the high school is often unplayable.

But our need for a track and field is much more than bricks and mortar. A lack of quality facilities limits our students’ education and ability to grow. The National Federation of State High School Associations believes school sports and the fine arts teach pride in community, self-discipline, citizenship, and sportsmanship. The link between sports and physical and emotional development has been demonstrated. The State of Maine Learning Results has provided a framework for linking interscholastic athletics to educational objectives. Sports help students learn and grow as collaborative and quality workers, become creative and practical problem solvers, teach clear and effective communication, and promote self-directed and lifelong learners.

Healthy and physically fit students go hand in hand with healthy and productive minds. We know how important the arts are for our students, and academics, arts, and athletics are all important components in a tripod of quality education. Regional School Unit 5 is already providing the necessary facilities for academics and arts through the Freeport Performing Arts Center and the renovation of Freeport High School. Now is the time for the third leg of the educational tripod to be completed.

Please consider donating to this worthy cause. When we build it they will run.

Nelson Larkins

  • go2goal

    School districts should be about ACADEMICS.

    It long past time to pull sports and all those turf fields and tracks and ice hockey and football expenses out of our schools. The sports arms race has resulted in cuts to essential things like special education and actually hiring Chemistry teachers with chemistry degrees!

    If towns want all these sports teams and tacks and turf fields and weight rooms and blah, blah, blah……then fund and manage these under Community Sports Federations and stop chewing up all of the tax payer money that is suppose to be for education (ACADEMICS).

    The US is stupid – we are the only nation that spends tons of education money and time on sports. Every other advanced developed nation organizes sports via private club teams or separate sports federations.

    Just wait…..the CTE law suit time bomb is ticking where school districts that added football will now be blamed for insufficient medical support during football practices and games and coaches that know nothing about brain injuries….or sprained ankles for that matter.

    Separate sports from our schools!

    • lukesofhazzard

      Nothing like using the phrase “The US is stupid” to really drive home your argument. Physical education, especially in this day and age, is pretty flippin important. If you expect private organizations to have inclusive sports programs open to all, for no fees (or reasonable fees) I think you need some more time with academics.